Hello, my name Elcorese Brown, a financial expert who operates from a genuine place of compassion and trust. As a valuable resource to the business community, I am the relationship builder between the business owner and their financial future. As owner and accountant of Charis Business Solutions. I serve as a catalyst for change to educate and empower others to make healthy financial decisions with a peace of mind.

In my experiences in the field of accounting and banking,  I noticed that a lot of business owners were over-whelmed with the financial tasks of their company. I wanted to use my skills and experiences,  to be counted on  for assistance with their financial management needs. Allowing their focus to be on the part of their business “that they enjoy.”

With over 20 years in the financial services industry, holding advanced degrees in business, accounting, and project management, I spearhead Charis Business Solutions offering bookkeeping, taxes, financial consulting services and Quickbooks support. Charis Business Solutions is supportive, reliable and allows the business owner to achieve positive financial results.